vanilla 運動員

Olympics supremo Jacques Rogge’s injunction to athletes to refrain from political comment appears to be falling on deaf ears.

“To me it is remarkable that we want to say athletes should shut up and just play. In everyday context they are good enough to tell us what cereals to eat, what shoes to wear, about anti-obesity or whatever, but when it comes to a fundamental tenet of human rights, somehow they are not good enough. If we want them to be holistic role models, then let’s let them be holistic role models.”

The legacy of most elite athletes is to be completely vanilla. I played basketball for many years and the idea that my legacy to this world is putting a ball in a hole is unsatisfactory to me. If people are satisfied they can play a great forehand volley or make a birdie from a bunker – if that’s enough for them, then I cannot comment. But it is not enough of a legacy when the opportunity to change the world is in your grasp.”

– Britain’s former NBA star John Amaechi, quote from bbc

~ 由 doraralala 於 08/08/2008.


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