Walk in Hong Kong 活現香港

Yes, it is official! Walk In Hong Kong 活現香港, a new city walk initiative is officially launched! This is one of the tours developed by me! For more tour details (walk in urban myths, cemeteries, Yau Ma Tei etc…..) , visit our page : www.walkin.hk or like us on facebook: Walk In Hong Kong 活現香港


Walk In Scents of the City – Hong Kong’s Aromatic (and stinky) Past

Hong Kong sure has a lot of impressive sights to offer anyone new or old to the city, but have you ever paused to appreciate the special smells and scents that are never far away? While we may not have a good reputation for air quality, off the busy main roads, you can encounter a rich variety of aromas at food stalls, flower stands, incense stores, tea shops and open markets. On this walk to reclaim the beaten path in Central through the sense of smell, we invite you to take a deep breath and nose your way through Hong Kong’s history on topics ranging from the city’s sex industry and tea and incense trade,  to religious rituals that are still practised today and even developments in public hygiene.

Among other tour highlights, we will:
– Find out how good the city used to smell to earn the name ‘Fragrant Harbour’, or Hong Kong as commonly known.
– Find out why the hip Lyndhurst Terrace was once a little floral paradise.
– Visit an old Chinese tea shop for a special olfactory experience, and learn about how the 19th century world tea trade changed Hong Kong’s destiny.
– Chart the life and death of the 160-year-old Graham Street market as it grapples with the forces of urban renewal.

Limber up, blow your nose, and we promise Hong Kong is not gonna smell the same again.


~ 由 doraralala 於 18/09/2013.



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